About Us

YellowDish is a visual food guide that helps you find your favorite dishes in your neighborhood with one click. Our goal is to enrich your daily life by providing a marketplace where various restaurants can showcase their foods and you can discover favorite foods among various food choices easily.  


1. Find favorite dishes with one click

There are a lot of dishes from various restaurants in your neighborhood in one place. You can see pictures and get detailed information on dishes and restaurants.


2. Order your favorite dishes online through YD Kitchen Direct

You can order your favorite dishes for Delivery, Takeout or Catering online at participating restaurants. YD Kitchen Direct is a marketplace that brings your orders to kitchens of participating restaurants directly.


3. Filter and Sort are powerful tools to find healthy choices or best deals

You can search foods by your preferable conditions. You can search for healthy choices like low calorie menus or vegetarian menus with one click. You can also search for restaurants that offer discount coupons or find best deals to help you save money. 


How to use YellowDish

1. Choose your search method of either “Menu” or “Store”.

2. Type keywords into the search box. For example, if you search by menu, type in a name of dish or food category. If you search by store, type in a store name or food category.

3. Set your location and search radius. Then click “Search”.

4. To sort your search results, select an appropriate sort type. To narrow your search results, select desired filter types.

5. Click on a dish to see more details and store information. You can see store details by clicking on the store name. 

6. If you want to order online for Delivery, Takeout or Catering, click on “Order Online” in menu/store details. With a YellowDish account, you can order online, save your favorite dishes and restaurants, save multiple delivery addresses, make reorders with one click, and save money by using online coupons if restaurants offer.

Store Owners: For additional information, click here!